This Is My Story

For years, I found myself trapped in relationships that left me feeling unfulfilled, unsupported, and drained. I was afraid of ending up alone, so I settled for less than I deserved.

I was always drawn to men who needed fixing, who I could help and support. I believed that if I just tried hard enough, I could make the relationship work.

But one day, I hit rock bottom when I found myself with someone who had anger issues. I tried to help him, but it was never enough. I was constantly trying to fix things, to make them better. I was more focused on his potential than the reality of the situation.
I knew I couldn’t keep living like this, so I took a leap of faith and left that toxic relationship behind. It wasn’t easy but I knew deep down that I deserved better.
I had always been searching for answers, for a way to heal from my toxic patterns. I didn’t even know what I was doing wrong. I was so confused.

I had a profound realization: I was not loving myself enough. I was settling for less than I deserved in my relationships because I didn't believe I was worthy of anything more.

Through my own journey, I learned valuable lessons about self-love, healing, and resilience. I discovered that I was stronger than I ever thought possible, and that my past experiences didn’t define me.
Through this journey, I connected the dots and healed from the toxic patterns that were preventing me from attracting a divine masculine partner and having a fulfilling relationship. I learned that I was only perpetuating the cycle of toxic relationships in my life.

Since then, I have made a commitment to love myself fully and completely, and to help other women do the same.

I know firsthand how difficult it can be to break free from toxic patterns and beliefs, but I also know that it is possible.

My website is dedicated to providing resources and support for women who are struggling in toxic relationships, who are afraid of being alone, and who are ready to heal and create a life they truly love.

I found the root cause during a profound and transformative experience, and all this is linked to my family history.

I came from a very dysfunctional home where my father abandoned me when I was a baby and my stepdad was emotionally absent and, when he was around, he was frequently violent, my emotional needs were never met from him and every interaction with him was filled with anger, disappointment and guilt. Growing up with four sisters and experiencing my parents’ traumatic divorce made it even more challenging. 

As a result, I created a story for myself where I was telling that I needed to do things in order to be loved and be worthy, just like my mom did. I responded to emotionally unavailable men who I believed I could change through love, just as I had tried to do with my dad, I thought I could help them love me.

I became an over-giver in relationships because I was always wanting to create a peaceful space in order to feel safe from the chaos as I did at home, also my abandonment wound make me do anything to be loved so I was always putting myself last.

However, instead of feeling safe by myself and loving myself, I poured all my love and energy into my partners, perpetuating the cycle of toxic relationships.
I then realized that the stories we tell ourselves impact who we are and who we become.
I realized that I had been loving others more than myself. I was allowing situations and behaviors I knew I didn’t deserve.
I learned that I needed to prioritize my own needs and safety, and that true vulnerability and open-heartedness can only come from a place of self-love and self-acceptance.

After this, I saw the light...

It is possible to experience true love! I promise! Once you heal you can see with more clarity the patterns, you can change them and without making a lot of efforts you will attract a divine, sacred love, your soulmate.

We attract relationships in the degree of our alignment.
You are attracting partners into your life that are reflecting back to you what is needed to be resolved and healed.

After my healing journey

I allowed Remi, my Soulmate, into my life. And let me tell you, it’s been the most amazing relationship I’ve ever had.

Everything is easy and flowing. After a disagreement, our relationship becomes stronger as we aligned on what we want. I can express myself freely and with vulnerability and he holds space for me. There is no insecurity or doubts. We are completely honest with each other. I can be myself and feel loved for that, nothing else.

I released the heavy burden of the doing part. I only need to be myself. He is supporting in every way and I don’t feel burned out or overlooked by life. I am a priority in his life and I don’t need to ask for that.

I am a psychologist and after doing talk therapy for years, the tools I learned transformed my entire life. I found it so powerful that it became part of my practice and my purpose.

I help women attract their soulmate and have the relationship of their dreams.

Let me work with you to help you find your Soulmate.
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